Arrowhead RV Park

StarLite Network

1375 A Major Trail

Des Chenes


R0A 0T0

(888) 878-4203

Open: April 15 - October 31

Arrowhead RV Park is located just 10 minutes south-east of Winnipeg, Manitoba. This park welcomes RVers from all over North America.



For expanded driving directions click on directions link in resort callout.

Directions: N-band: Junction US Border and Hwy 75: N 26.9 miles to Hwy 23, E 17.7 miles to Hwy 59, N 22.9 miles to PR210, E 1 mile to Old Hwy 59, N 0.3 mile (R). E-bnd/S-bnd: Junction TCH100 and Hwy 59: S 8.2 miles to Dumaine Rd, E 0.2 mile to Old Hwy 59, S 1 mile (L). W-bnd: Junction TCH1 and PR206: S 7.6 miles to PR210, W 8 miles to Old Hwy 59, N 0.3 mile (R).

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